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Saturday, June 4, 7pm The Dreamweaver Celebrate the “Shakespeare of Harlem,” Langston Hughes, with a one-man show.
Sunday, June 5, 2pm The Life and Works of Langston Hughes Spend the afternoon speaking with Mr. St. Clair about his artistic process development and finding out more about Langston Hughes.
Saturday, June 18, 8pm Comedy Night with Sampson A hilarious night of raucous comedy
Sunday, June 19, 2pm Growing Up Gay in Black America Sampson talks about his personal experience growing up.
Saturday, June 25, 7pm Before There Were Rainbows Jazz singer Von Henry presents an original production


Special thanks to the following organizations for their generous support of this project:

logo betsy (1) Stonewall-solid GLBT-Community-Projects-Fund

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